Year of the Bath

In Year of the Bath, artist Gyan Shrosbree has created paintings emulating a variety of iconographies; boots, houseplants, ladies, and landline telephones, which carry their own signature personalities. During the course of this show Shrosbree has invited the curation of the work to be rearranged, enabling a process of storytelling.

This engages the paintings to interact with each other as icons or props on the stage. Compositional friendships begin shifting and emerging into new conversations. Narratives unfold during the process of playing within the repetition of the forms enlivened by their own notability.

These paintings are stars in performance. Through setting the stage the paintings begin living their own life out of the control of their maker. In a time where our own roles have been effectively reimagined, this performance recalls our own potentials within limitations.

Shrosbree has created special works on paper editions for this exhibition. 


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